Changes ~ Ustaine Talley

The subject of this past Sunday's Lesson was about Change.  I pray at some time every day with Sheila Gautreaux with her marvelous prayers from her book, "Praying ... ." I borrowed some of her prayer thoughts for today's prayer.

Father-Mother God,

Sometimes there are changes we can easily embrace. At other times there are changes that call us to move beyond our fears, doubts, regrets and hurts. Changes that call us to flow with the movement of Spirit as we are carried to a higher purpose. Help us break down our resistance and learn to embrace those changes that are the most difficult.

With your love, support and guidance, we can not only overcome, but rise up to the Christ consciousness that is resurrected within the transition we are facing. Divine Spirit, I am willing to place this day in Your hands to lead me in whatever way I may fulfill the purpose for which I came into the world. Whatever I may face, I am encouraged because I face it with You. I cannot fail with you at my side. You are my salvation.

Let your Light  inspire me and restore me. Bless the minutes of this day so my hours are filled with peace, joy, love and hope. Place more peace upon my heart so I can offer peace in my words and actions. Give me more joy so I can spread it wherever I go and leave people feeling better. Fill me with more love so those who need its comfort will know it through me. Expand my capacity for hope so I may inspire others of the possibility of a better tomorrow. I want to be a channel for you every minute of this day. Teach me. Let me know You more. Let me serve you more. Use me.

In the name and through the power of the Christ Spirit, AMEN.